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Water Lights 5th Ed Water Lights, 5th edition
(Water Lights of JW)

Interactive installation, 2012

This work is the fifth Water Lights in a series called Water Lights that was developed from the original work since 2004. Water flows over LEDs every 30seconds, and the lights come on when the water touches an LED. The intensity of the LEDs is regulated by the quantity of water running over them. It consists of LEDs(10,800 pieces), transistors, and resistors for the lighting panel.

* Patent Registration, LED Display Device, No. 10_1267753, Korea, 2013

- JW Young Art Award Exhibition, Seoul Art Center Gong Pyeong Gallery, Korea, Nov. 21 - 26, 2012.
- Water Lights of JW(Water Lights 5th Ed), JW Pharmaceutical, Seoul, Korea, 2013, Jan. 14 ~

Water Lights, 5th Ed Water Lights, 5th Ed

Water Lights, 5th Ed Water Lights, 5th Ed

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