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Water Lights 2006 Water Lights, 2nd edition
Electronic and lighting installation, 2006

One rainy day, while watching the water flowing endlessly down the window, I thought how interesting it would be to express the movement and the shape of the water flowing past with light. The result is this interactive installation. When viewers approach the work, water flows over light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and the lights come on when the water touches an LED. The intensity of the LEDs is regulated by the quantity of water running over them.

I made the second work in a series called Water Lights that was developed from the original work since 2004. I put the clear acrylic sheet that would be covered with water drops in front of the surface. In addition, the frame was made like a window to allow people to bring my piece to their own experience on a rainy day with it.

Water Lights 2006 was created using the following: Light-emitting diodes (LED, 300 pieces), microcontrollers, transistors, and a pyroelectric infrared detector. Although people usually turn on lights with a switch or a motion sensor, in this installation, lights are turned on by water, which gives viewers a new experience.   [pdf.file]

* Patent Registration, LED Display Device, No. 10_1267753, Korea, 2013

- SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, USA, 2006
- Gallery X, 280 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago, USA, 2006

Water Lights 2006 Water Lights 2006

Water Lights 2006 Water Lights 2006

Water Lights 2006
Installation Layout [pdf.file]

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