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Evening Messages Evening Messages
Electronic and lighting installation, 2006

Evening Messages is an electronic installation that uses light to express the movements and patterns of waves with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The lights were controlled by the waves on the beach. This work consisted of 30 acrylic rods, each 6 feet long and 3/16 inches in diameter, with the rods emitting light when water touched them. The use of different colors (15 yellow, 7 white, 3 green, 3 red, and 2 blue) corresponds to the use of colors in the night cityscape of Chicago.

This work is not only a light installation with waves, but also a performance about agriculture. During the process of this work, I rolled up my trouser cuffs and put the acrylic rods on the boundary between the beach and the waves. I was simulating a farmer planting rice to show the harmony between technology and natural currents. As I was working at that specific site, I hoped that eventually people could bring my piece to their own beach and have their own experience with it.

Evening Messages is about my wish to exit the social frame. Everything in a city is moving at regular intervals- it was all arranged beforehand. People are working across the street when cars stop; people are stopped when cars run. To talk with nature, I found a small beach in a city, which represents the border between civilization and nature. This evening, I will listen to messages from the sea.   [pdf.file]

Ohio Street Beach, Chicago, USA, 2006

Evening Messages Evening Messages

Evening Messages Evening Messages

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