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Taste of Data Taste of Data
Interactive Media, 2020

Taste of Data is an interactive media art work created to enhance accessibility and intimacy to data that are closely connected to our daily lives.

Documentation: Taste of Data

kandinsky(r, g, b); kandinsky(r, g, b);
Interactive Media, 2020

kandinsky (r, g, b); is an interactive media that allows viewers to move around Kandinsky's art view using flashlights that emit three primary colors of light: red, green, and blue.

Documentation: kandinsky(r, g, b);

Hi! Interactive Media Art Hi! Interactive Media Art
Book, 2020

Hi! Interactive Media Art will guide you through the use of processing, Arduino, sensors, and webcams to get started with interactive media art that your audience can participate in.

Documentation: Hi! Interactive Media Art

I on Border I on Border
Interactive Media, 2019

The camera connected to the computer displays the exhibition space in front of the camera and the audience as a real-time video image on the monitor.

Documentation: I on Border

Feeling on Border Feeling on Border
Interactive Lights, 2019

The lighting installed on the edge of the exhibition hall shows two people standing facing each other.

Documentation: Feeling on Border

Nation on Border Nation on Border
Interactive Media, 2018

The flag painted by hand on one wall of the exhibition hall expresses the clear boundaries between countries in the real world that do not change.

Documentation: Nation on Border

Honmi Project Honmi Project
Interactive Installation, 2017

Honmi project visits any place and reinterprets time and space. The work is a nomadic exhibition of media art dedicated to appreciate the works of even one audience.

Documentation: Honmi Project

Uplift - 2Hour 30Minute - Uplift
Interactive Performance, 2017

Uplift is a media art project that conveys the message that Let's remind our hearts that we have been together with sorrow for the three-year period of the Sewol-ho. For the 304th participating in the project, we print the pictures taken with the yellow ribbon in the works.


Documentation: Uplift - 2Hour 30Minute

Yangsan-nambu Market Yangsan-nambu Market
Interactive Installation, 2017

The work is installed in the parking lot of the Nambu market of the traditional market representing Yangsan City.


Documentation: Yangsan-nambu Market

Reed Reed
Video Object, 2016

The person sits in a box where the video plays repeatedly. Inside the box surrounded by mirrors, the video is constantly replicated and reproduced as reflected in all directions.

Documentation: Reed_source video

p5js_1st P5js #001, 002, 003, 004, 005
Internet Art, 2016

The works were made using p5.js. Audiences can connect to each artwork web page and make various visual changes with mouse movements and clicks as an Internet arts.


DK Beyond the Body DK Beyond the Body
Interactive installation, 2016

In the work, the DK Medical Solutions's 30th anniversary logos are interactive according to the movement of the audience.


Yap! Yap!
Interactive Object, 2015

Yap! is connected to the earphone jack of the smart-phone, and it is a mobile emotional accessory that expresses the sound signal from the earphone jack with light, sound and movement.

Documentation: Yap!

Lighting Flowerpot Lighting Flowerpot
Interactive installation, 2014

The work is water or rain-activated LED flowerpots for the public space. When the water touches leaves-shaped sensors, the LED inside of the flowerpot turns on the lights to represent the life.
The brightness of the LED is changed by the amount of water running over them.


Han River Han River
Interactive installation, 2014

Many names of town were floated goes riding the wave of the work, Riding the Han River.


Mt. Namsan Mt. Namsan
Light installation, 2014

Mt. Namsan is a story Moving away from everyday life about the precious things around us.


Hi! Media Art Hi! Media Art
Book, 2014

Hi! Media Art: 21 Creative Making Projects to enhance Your Daily Life through the Art and Technology is for anyone who wants to learn how to make with the media art, really anyone! It is also a great, workshop-based companion to an introductory Electronics, Arduino and Processing class.


Welcome Man Welcome Man
Light installation, 2014

Welcome Man is a human-shaped light installation with LED lights.


I and You I and You
Interactive installation, 2013

I and You is a column-shaped interactive installation with LED lights. Two video cameras in the piece capture the subject or viewer around of it.


Documentation: I and You

Curtain Curtain
Interactive installation, 2013

I see myself mirrored in the Curtain which blocks my space from the outsie world.


Documentation: Curtain

Walking Man Walking Man
Light installation, 2012

Walking Man is an animated sculpture with LED lights. The man in the work repeats two states either standing or walking like the man in the traffic lights.


Documentation: Walking Man

Sky Piece Sky Piece #001, 002, 003
Installation, 2011 - 2012

Sky Piece #001, 002 are the images of sky through the trees, and #003 is the image of waves on the beach surface. The series of Sky Piece express irregular and unusual boundaries of natural forms around us.


Water Lights 5th Ed Water Lights, 5th edition (Water Lights of JW)
Interactive installation, 2012

This work is the fifth Water Lights in a series called Water Lights that was developed from the original work since 2004.


Documentation: Water Lights 5th

Water Lights 4th Ed Water Lights, 4th edition
Interactive installation, 2012

I made the fourth Water Lights developed from Water Lights Painting
since 2006. This work is an interactive installation with lights encourages
viewers to create various images with water on its surface.

Documentation: Water Lights 4th

The Light of Waves The Light of Waves
Interactive installation, 2011

The Light of Waves is a site-specific marine installation, which maps the irregular and repeated movements of waves onto an LED matrix dug into the beach surface.

Documentation: The Light of Waves

Light Space -The Stone- Light Space -The Stone-
Interactive installation, 2010

Light space -The Stone- is a rock-shaped interactive light Installation which consists of about two thousand LED pixels.


Documentation: Light Space -The Stone

Landscape Landscape
Generative New Media installation, 2010

The intimate relationship between the Korean people and Hangul is the inspiration for the Landscape installation.


Documentation: Landscape

Lightspace Lightspace
Installation, 2009

I use light as a sculptural object that has a possibility as a useful material itself.


Water Lights 3rd Ed Water Lights, 3rd edition
Interactive sound installation, 2008

I made the third Water Lights developed from
Water Lights Painting since 2006. This work is an interactive
installation with lights and sound that encourages viewers to create
various images with water on its surface.


blooming computer The blooming computer
Installation, 2008

I planted a used computer with morning glories. It was curious about
the next computer or the last computer.


Water Lights Painting Water Lights Painting
Interactive and lighting installation, 2006

Water Lights painting is an interactive installation
that encourages the viewer to paint with water on its surface.
These gestures create changing patterns and images by
illuminating LEDs whose brightness is controlled by sensors in
the painting's surface.


Documentation: Water Lights Painting

Evening Messages Evening Messages
Electronic and lighting installation, 2006

Evening Messages is controlled by waves on the beach to express
the movements and patterns of natural currents.


Documentation: Evening Messages

Water Lights 2nd Ed Water Lights, 2nd edition
Interactive and lighting installation, 2006

I made the second work in a series called Water Lights that was developed from the original work since 2004.


Documentation: Water Lights 2006

The Ratio of Nature The Ratio of Nature
Electronic and lighting installation, 2006

The Ratio of Nature consists of eight layers that are composed of
acrylic rods with light coming from them.


Documentation: The Ratio of Nature

The Colors of the Wind The Colors of the Wind
Interactive and lighting installation, 2005

The Colors of the Wind is an interactive installation about emotional
colors using the strength of natural wind forces.
This work visualizes the power and direction of the wind, using a
device made up of sensors connected to several LEDs.


Documentation: The Colors of the Wind

Water Lights Water Lights
Interactive and lighting installation, 2004

One rainy day, while watching the water flowing endlessly down the
window, I thought how interesting it would be to express the movement
and the shape of the water, which flowed past, with light.
The result is this interactive installation.


Documentation: Water Lights

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