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Hi! Interactive Media Art kandinsky(r, g, b) Taste of Data

Honmi Project Honmi Project Honmi G-Maker Fest 2017 Border 2019 Nation on Border Feeling on Border I on Border

Yap! Yap! DK Beyond the Body P5js #001, 002, 003, 004, 005 Reed Yangsan-nambu Market Uplift

Welcome Man Mt. Namsan Han River Looking back at Mt. Namsan while flowing along the Han River Lighting Flowerpot Lighting Flowerpot Hi! Media Art

Water Lights, 4th edition Water Lights, 5th edition Sky Piece #001, 002, 003 Walking Man Curtain Natural Pixel Natural Pixel

Landscape Landscape Yulgok Landscape Light Space -The Stone- Light Space -The Stone- The Light of Waves The Light of Waves

Water Lights Painting Water Lights The Blooming Computer Water Lights, 3rd edition My Umbrella Likes the Rain Water Lights, 3rd edition Lightspace

Water Lights The Colors of the Wind The Ratio of Nature The Ratio of Nature Water Lights, 2nd edition Water Lights, 2nd edition Evening Messages

  • Jae Min Lee works on interactive media art that expresses the harmony of human technology and nature using light, motion, sound, and data. His work has shown at the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in 2006 and the SIGGRAPH ASIA Art Gallery in 2011. Other pieces have appeared in the CAFA Art Museum, China in 2009, at the Pohang Museum of Steel Art, South Korea in 2010, and the Smart Illumination, Japan in 2014. He holds a master's degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art and Technology Studies and a bachelor's degree from the Hongik University. He is an assistant professor at Kyungpook National University and published two books, Hello! Media Art in 2014 and Hello! Interactive Media Art in 2020.

  • Switch On, Online App Gallery Exhibition, https://switch-on.kr/ Jan. 31 - Jun. 11, 2021 Switch-On.jpg

  • Plug-In City, Online Web Gallery Exhibition, http://plugincity.org/ Dec. 22 - 31, 2020 Plug-In_City.jpg

  • Book - 안녕! 인터랙티브 미디어아트, 464p, Insight Book, Mar. 18, 2020   안녕! 인터랙티브 미디어아트

  • Border - 4th Solo Exhibition @Moin Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Apr. 25 - May 4. 2019   Border.pdf

  • YouTube - 안녕! 미디어아트 Hello! Media Art, Since Mar. 8, 2019   안녕! 미디어아트

  • The Strange Book Story Exhibition @National Library for Children and Young Adults, Spage Gallery, Seoul, Korea, May. 3 - Jul. 15, 2018   The Strange Book Story

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